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Who is the best rapper of all time?
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Jay Z built an empire

Jay Z was the first to move from rapper to proper business mogul, giving new visibility and power to rappers who were now no longer "just" the talent.

The Argument

Jay Z turned his artistic talent into a brand. A successful rap career requires an immense amount of intelligence. The best rappers know how to manipulate words and phrases and pair them with rhythms and beats to create complex rhyme schemes. Jay Z not only excels at this, but he is an immensely successful businessman.[1] Jay Z has a net worth of approximately $810 million and a diverse portfolio which includes investments in sports, streaming platforms, liquor, art, and real estate.[2] Jay Z is an incredibly gifted rapper and a resourceful and versatile businessman. Furthermore, Jay Z uses his wealth and influence to give back to the rap community by bringing other talented rappers, like Kanye West, into the limelight. Jay Z built an empire by using his skills as an artist, businessman, and philanthropist, which makes him the best rapper of all time.

Counter arguments

While Jay Z is extremely accomplished and successful, his business empire does not make him the best rapper of all time. He may be the most versatile rapper of all time, but in terms of pure musical and lyrical talent, there are better rappers.



Rejecting the premises


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