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What is the purpose of art?
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Art gives a free space for creativity

Art does not have many constraints that are required for other forms of expression like writing and speaking. Art provides a space for free expression and interpretation which allows for creativity.

The Argument

Art is a more free form of expression relative to other means of communication and expression since it does not need to abide by many rules like the formalities in the written and spoken language. Words and speech require a specific order or organization with each component or word having a definite meaning. Art can contain a range of symbols, forms, and ideas that artists can express in various ways and these forms can have a malleable meaning. This flexibility in art offers a free space for creativity for the artist when making the art and for the audience when interpreting it. The most common example of art providing flexibility and creativity is abstract art where the art piece does not represent a concrete object in the real world. This allows for a variety of interpretations. The purpose of art is to provide this space of free experimentation and creativity in thoughts and action.[1][2]

Counter arguments

Art is not about creativity and creativity is not just about art or design. Creativity is the mental capacity to generate novel and useful ideas and the ability to develop and communicate them. Creativity exists in virtually all displines and areas of work and not just in art. [3] Artistic ability is the skill of using art techniques in painting, sculpting, drawing and others. Creative ability is the skill of using imagination to generate ideas and develop them and apply them in the real world. One does not to be creative in order to be an artist. Art may or may not provide a free space for creativity. [4]



Rejecting the premises


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