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What is the purpose of art?
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Art is used for basic human instincts for harmony and balance

Art is an important part of the human experience that reflects the human tendency to seek order, harmony, and balance in the universe

The Argument

Art serves a non-motivated and abstract purpose. People don’t produce art for a specific function. It is simply a reflection of how humans experience, classify, and organize the information surrounding them and their connection to this information. People usually try to look for order and trends to make sense of the universe. Art provides an opportunity to express these trends and classifications that humans make about the universe in a more concrete way by physically delivering them to the world through paintings, writing, speaking, and other art forms. Through art, people get a chance to appreciate the universe more through expressing it in different, creative, and unique ways. Art promotes deep thoughts and different ways of thinking about material objects which is why it is highly effective for meditation and self-reflection. Art fosters creativity and deep thoughts which are important to explore different aspects of the self and the environment . Art is an act of awareness and it emphasizes acceptance of feelings and thoughts without judgment and promotes relaxation of the mind and the body. The creativity process can give people a sense of freedom that can be freeing. These functions are essential for meditation and reflection. Art can promote humans instincts for harmony and organization of themselves, their surroundings, and the connection between the two.[1]

Counter arguments

Art has many motivated purposes. People don’t make art for self exploration and to think about the environment. The main function of art is to communicate it to others in one way or another. Art is a social action where people share social, economic, and political information like in karikator and graffiti. Artists even intend to provoke emotions in other people. Art is a highly social process and it intends to share some information or emotions with other people.



Rejecting the premises


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