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What is the purpose of art?
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People use art for commercials and marketing purposes

Businesses can make use of art to promote their products and services and establish connections with customers. Visuals strengthen the connections and help customers remember the products and the company.

The Argument

Artwork and artists are increasingly becoming a big part of the advertising process. Art for marketing purposes helps create awareness and interest in a company, product, or service. It helps engage buyers to purchase or use the services. Businesses use visual art to communicate their products and offerings and strengthen bonds with the target audience and established customers. Images are generally easier to remember for people. Advertising as a way of communication to customers can make use of visual sharing of information for a better connection with customers. Artists can also help in the design of products or electronic websites to help customers easily navigate and find the products and services. Researchers found that people evaluate the exact same product substantially more positively when the advertisements include art and visuals. Art significantly helps in marketing purposes.[1] [2][3]

Counter arguments

Visual art is not always beneficial in marketing. There are instances where delicate design distracts the consumers from the functionality of the product or introduces complexity and confusion. On the other hand, some products that look less attractive may look more superior in function in the eyes of consumers. For example, people think that Dyson vacuum cleaners are unattractive in design but attribute to them high functionality. Similarly, some websites with unattractive or basic design may have a functional advantage. It is not always the case that purposing art for marketing is useful and therefore, are may or may not serve marketing. [4]



Rejecting the premises


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