What is the purpose of art?

The purpose of art is expression

Art is used for one to express and construct images of thoughts, ideas, and identities not necessarily shared with others

Art is used for basic human instincts for harmony and balance

Art is an important part of the human experience that reflects the human tendency to seek order, harmony, and balance in the universe

People can experience the universe through art

Art helps people to contemplate the universe in its clarity and mystery. The process of art gives a person the opportunity to transfer her feelings and thoughts of the surroundings into a different form as part of her experience of the universe

The purpose of art is communication

People use art to tell narratives

People use art to tell a story, either to describe one moment or a sequence of events. Since very early in history, people told stories using pictures.

People use art for political and social change

People use art to communicate messages for social and political purposes. Art helps raise awareness on current societal problems, bring people together, and encourage political engagement

People use art for commercials and marketing purposes

Businesses can make use of art to promote their products and services and establish connections with customers. Visuals strengthen the connections and help customers remember the products and the company.

Art is used for entertainment and self improvement

Art gives a free space for creativity

Art does not have many constraints that are required for other forms of expression like writing and speaking. Art provides a space for free expression and interpretation which allows for creativity.

Doing art brings different emotions

Art whether visual, musical, or other forms, induce complex negative or positive emotions in the perceivers. The artists' goal in their work is to communicate emotions with people.

Art is used for psychological and healing purposes

Art has a functional purpose

Art is used in design and decorations of objects

Art has a long history in the decoration of various everyday life objects. This includes the decoration of walls, coins, jewelry, and many others.
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