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What is the purpose of art?
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People can experience the universe through art

Art helps people to contemplate the universe in its clarity and mystery. The process of art gives a person the opportunity to transfer her feelings and thoughts of the surroundings into a different form as part of her experience of the universe

The Argument

Art allows people to better understand their experiences and relation with the universe. People experience their environment constantly. People can only interpret the universe through their senses. Interpreting and describing this sensory information in the environment through art is complementary to the experience. Art provides the window to the wonders and mysteries of the world. For example, artists have worked for a long time side by side with scientists to represent nature like drawing the stars and skies, microorganisms from a microscope, and other forms of life. This allows the scientists, the artists, and other people to experience nature since art creates new ways to look at the world. Creating art and drawing images gives people new insights into nature. Art forces the artists and others to pay attention to the details and the complexity of the universe as well as the patterns that exist within. Art allows people to see and deeply appreciate the universe.[1]

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