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Who should you help during the coronavirus pandemic?
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Asians have faced increased racism

Asian communities are grappling with racism caused by coronavirus conspiracies, as well as the stress of the pandemic. They are facing more adversity than the average community during this global crisis.

The Argument

While most of us are dealing with concerns over how to keep ourselves and our families healthy, Asians also have to deal with increased levels of racism and harassment. Incidents of racism and harassment against Asians have spiked following the outbreak of coronavirus. One organization in the United States recorded 1,100 incidents of verbal and physical harassment in just two weeks.[1] Although many people are threatened by this virus, Asian communities are under unique pressure. Not only must they face the health and social costs of the pandemic, but also a growing specter of racism. Their wellbeing, businesses, and security are all under increased threat due to conspiracies that perpetuate paranoia about Asian communities in relation to the virus.[2] These false claims have caused these communities and individuals a particular injustice.

Counter arguments

The coronavirus pandemic does not discriminate. While it can affect certain communities to a greater degree, it is still a significant threat to everyone. Considering this, we cannot give anyone special treatment in how we fight the disease. Each community needs to do its part to slow the spread and protect themselves from sickness. Beyond physical health, the pandemic has affected everyone economically, emotionally, and socially. No single demographic has been able to escape the pressures of the disease and lockdown. While Asian communities may feel increased prejudice, it is likely just a few isolated racist incidents and not an endemic. Unfortunately, we cannot give them special treatment under the circumstances, as everyone faces increased challenges during the global crisis.



[P1] We should prioritize helping those that have been most affected by the pandemic. [P2] Asian communities have been effected socially and economically by COVID-19 induced racism and conspiracies.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] The virus is a risk to multiple populations, which means we should aim to help everyone. [Rejecting P2] Everyone has been harmed socially and economically by the pandemic. The virus does not discriminate by race.


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