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Who should you help during the coronavirus pandemic?
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Coronavirus is a health issue

Coronavirus is first and foremost a health problem. Therefore, managing the health effects should be a priority. We can only do this by giving healthcare workers the support they need.
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Coronavirus is at its core, a health issue. For the optimal results we must give healthcare workers the support they need.

The Argument

In much of the media coverage on coronavirus has focused on the economic fallout of COVID-19. It has charted the job losses, the stock market dips, and the companies threatened with bankruptcy. But coronavirus is, first and foremost, a health emergency. When there is a treatment developed or a vaccine discovered, the lockdown will be lifted and many of the economic problems will gradually lessen. Therefore, it makes sense to help healthcare providers. With additional support, they can provide better levels of care, save more lives, and explore new treatments.

Counter arguments


[P1] Coronavirus is a disease. [P2] Health providers are therefore on the front lines of the fight against it. [P3] Therefore, they need all the help and support they can get.

Rejecting the premises


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