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Who should you help during the coronavirus pandemic?
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Unemployed cannot support themselves or their families

Millions of people have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus, leading to fear and uncertainty about how they will pay their bills.

The Argument

As a result of the coronavirus, more workers were unemployed in America alone within three months at a higher rate than the Great Recession caused in two years.[1] Millions more are unemployed across the world. Although various governments have issued plans to help mitigate the financial hardship for unemployment, people are still scrambling to make ends meet. [2] It is especially difficult for workers with families that have been laid off. Without a steady income, parents and children are likely to suffer financial instability. During this critical time, people should be willing to support the unemployed by donating their time and money. People can help by donating or volunteering at community centers. On a more personal level, friends and family can help each other by checking in with one another.[3]This will help the unemployed feel less alone in a time of uncertainty. Stimulus checks and unemployment benefits from the government can only do so much. People should band together and support the unemployed during the pandemic.

Counter arguments

Although the unemployed need help, the government should handle the financial burdens of unemployment. People should be more concerned with local efforts to help those in their community and supporting the businesses that are still open. In addition, people should be focusing their efforts on flattening the curve of the pandemic, so unemployed workers can resume their careers.



[P1] People are unemployed due to the coronavirus. [P2] Unemployed workers are having difficulties supporting themselves. [P3] Therefore, people should help the unemployed during the pandemic.

Rejecting the premises


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