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Who should you help during the coronavirus pandemic?
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Many children rely on school meals

Many children from low-income families rely on their free school meal as their primary source of daily nutrition. With schools closed, these children will be struggling.
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The Argument

Children living in areas that have been forced to close schools have to go without their free school meals. For some low-income families, these free meals were the children’s main meal of the day. Without these meals, they will be going hungry. People can help by donating to food banks that are giving food to families affected by the school closures and the loss of free school meals. Organizations like No Kid Hungry are providing communities with the support they need to keep children fed during the pandemic.

Counter arguments


[P1] We must help those most affected by coronavirus. [P2] Many children have lost their primary source of nutrition. [P3] Therefore, we must help the children affected.

Rejecting the premises


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