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Should Donald Trump or Joe Biden win the 2020 US Presidential Election?
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Joe Biden will make huge steps to stop climate change

Biden's proposed "Clean Energy Revolution" would be game changing. Its commitments include a totally clean energy economy by 2050. He has also vowed to incentivise the rest of the world to join this mission, which is critical for the fight against climate change.

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One of the biggest reasons that action on climate change wasn't taken during the Obama administration was because of healthcare. Now, Joe Biden has an opportunity to enact sweeping climate policies that would put America—and the world—on a better track. Biden's plan involves a $2 trillion investment in clean energy and infrastructure over four years, creating millions of high-paying jobs with a choice to join a union.[1] Not only does this help create jobs, in a time where the country has seen a massive spike in unemployment, but it also aids in combatting climate change. Through this plan, Biden plans to have a carbon-free power sector by 2035. Bidens plan also limits methane pollution by corporations, slowing the disastrous effects of climate change.[2] Compared to the Trump administration's lack of a concrete climate change plan, Biden's is substantive, informed, and will create much needed reform.[3] Joe Biden needs to be elected to combat climate change in order to save this country from further climate related tragedy.

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