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Should Donald Trump or Joe Biden win the 2020 US Presidential Election?
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Joe Biden is committed to brokering peace in the Middle East

Biden will funnel resources into peace building in the Middle East to put an end to the protracted Arab-Israeli conflict. He will also restore humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

The Argument

Joe Biden is committed to brokering peace with the Middle East and improving the relationship with the region. In the United States, Biden plans to lift the travel ban and open immigrant status to its pre-Trump quotas. [1] Joe Biden is also committed to creating refugee settlements and inviting Arab-Americans into his campaign and government. [1] Joe Biden has historically disapproved of military involvement in the Middle East and has promised to remove United States military forces from the region. [2] Joe Biden has also promised to remove the "terrorist prevention program", which allows for the racist targeting of Arab-American communities by the US federal government. [3] Importantly, Joe Biden has taken a stance on brokering equality between Palestinians and Israelis.[1] Joe Biden has promised to negotiate a more peaceful alliance. Joe Biden has pledged to strengthen the civil rights of Arab Americans and natives in the Middle East. [4] Joe Biden will do this in the US by strengthening voting rights, free speech rights, and improving access to elected positions. Internationally, Joe Biden will strengthen civil rights in the Middle East by working with specific nations to address their concerns and offer aid and counsel. [1] Joe Biden is the most suitable Presidential candidate because he will strengthen US-Middle Eastern relationships and peacefully strengthen Middle Eastern nations' ability to govern independently.

Counter arguments

Joe Biden's plans of US military removal from the Middle East could prove disastrous. Many Americans and Arab-Americans are concerned that without US military power in the region, local terrorist groups will gain power and create civil wars or turmoil in the Middle East.[1] Furthermore, while Joe Biden has stated he plans to remove troops from the region, no plans have been made to cut defense funding. [5] Joe Biden and his Vice Presidential nominee, Kamala Harris, have both pledged loyalty to Israel, making their ability to broker peace between Israelis and Palestinians near impossible. [6]Joe Biden is not planning on cutting the extra US aid to Israel. [1] The United States has historically been a military power and political influencer in the Middle East. If Joe Biden were to abruptly end this stability for the region, it could result in civil wars, loss of life, and political upheaval for the entire region.



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