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Should Donald Trump or Joe Biden win the 2020 US Presidential Election?
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Donald Trump puts US interests first

The role of US President is to act in America's interests. Trump has remained true to his controversial "America First" vision throughout his first term. Historically, a lot of resources have been wasted by waging never-ending wars and interventions overseas.
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During his time in the White House, Donald Trump has been a fierce and unapologetic American nationalist, proclaiming slogans such as "Make America Great Again" and "America First." The president of any country has to prioritise their electorate first and foremost because these are the people who the federal government has a mandate to prioritise. [1]

The Argument

Donald Trump has consistently prioritised voter interests in both his domestic and foreign policy, reducing the amount of taxpayer money which is spent on inefficient policies of his predecessors. This "America First" approach can be seen over a range of sectors, from fiscal policy by reducing the tax burden on American families, all the way to environmental policy by promoting the use of cost-effective hydrocarbon energy and withdrawing from the Paris Agreements.[2] Secondly, Trump has championed the livelihoods of ordinary American working-class families who have previously been disregarded by political elites. In 2019, for example, Trump directed The United States Trade Representative to look into measures to safeguard the domestic automobiles industry which employs millions of Americans. This industry was significantly threatened by imports of foreign-made automobiles and parts which led to the loss of many jobs for Americans. [3] Donald Trump's commitment to "America First" has also been reflected in his foreign policy. The Trump Administration significantly decreased US deployments to the Middle East, which cost US taxpayers billions every year and shattered families. He has also consistently pressured military allies to fulfill their obligations, for example, by calling for NATO member states to meet their funding contributions. All these are clear ways President Trump has reversed the trend of neglecting the local voters in pursuit of the best interests of the free world. Reelection will enable the Trump Administration to continue protecting American interests, as any leader should.

Counter arguments

Donald Trump's pursuit of "America First" policies has actually harmed US interests both domestically and internationally. Trump's harmful policies clearly contradict his electoral promise to "Make America Great Again." The Trump Administration has prioritised the interests of large corporations over those of ordinary citizens by implementing tax breaks which benefit the richest. This can be seen through the removal of an Obama-era policy to lower mortgage payments for first-time home buyers which the Trump Administration reversed on its first day in office.[4] The Administration's inward-looking approach has also harmed national security by ceding global dominance to illiberal states. The Trump Administration fails to directly condemn China and Russia's oppressive actions on the global stage. Trump has also harmed longstanding allyships by pulling out of international accords and agreements. Lastly, the Administration passed anti-Islamic legislation such as the Muslim Travel Ban which emboldens the rhetoric ISIS can use to increase their recruitments. The Trump Administration's actions on an international scale do not put "America First."



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