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Should women vote for Trump or Biden?
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Biden will end violence against women

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The Argument

In 1990, Biden spearheaded the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). At a time when few people in Washington cared about sexual violence, Biden pushed until the bill passed in 1994. VAWA created a national hotline for victims, and funded shelters and crisis centers. It trained law enforcement in communities across the United States so they were better prepared to investigate violence against women and support survivors of violence. The act changed the way Americans understand violence against women. Since then, Biden has lead efforts to ensure Congress passed legislation renewing and strengthening VAWA. VAWA also ensures that especially vulnerable communities, including LGBTQ+ and ethnic minority women are included in the Act. As President, Biden will build on this strong track record and make communities safer for all women.

Counter arguments

Biden himself has been subject to accusations about sexual violence against women. Multiple women accused Biden of inappropriately touching them, including one Nevada politician who said the former vice president came up to her at a 2014 campaign stop and kissed the back of her head.[1]


Rejecting the premises


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