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Should women vote for Trump or Biden?
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Biden's Vice President is a woman

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A Senator from California, Kamala Harris is a former rival who endorsed Biden and began campaigning for him after she ended her bid in December. She was elected Attorney General for California attorney general in 2010 and has been a rising star in the Democratic Party.

The Argument

Kamala Harris the ultimate feminist candidate to take on Trump. During the Democratic primary, Harris supported taxpayer-funded abortions, arguing they would save the lives of lower-income women. She proposed providing all workers with six months paid family leave for personal or medical issues, including those related to domestic violence. During her campaign Harris suggested that large corporations should be required to be "equal pay certified" to close the gender pay gap, or face fines. As a strong woman of colour (the daughter of immigrants from Jamaica and India), Harris will advocate for women's rights as she knows the struggle women face herself.

Counter arguments

Biden's choice of Vice President Kamala Harris was a form of tokenism more than anything. He strategically picked Harris as she would be welcomed and celebrated for her gender and her colour, and he would gain more support due to this.


Rejecting the premises


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