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Should women vote for Trump or Biden?
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Trump's Senior Advisor has developed initiatives to deliver assistance to help women succeed in the workplace

The Argument

Ivanka Trump has developed global initiatives like the Women's Global Development and Prosperity Initiative[1] (W-GDP), to delivers assistance to help women succeed in the workplace with the aim of reaching 50 million women in the developing world by 2025.

Counter arguments

The Trump administration worked towards repealing an executive order made by former President Barack Obama that forces large companies of 100 employees or more to report the wages they pay their employees. Under this order, these companies had to submit data to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission every year that shows their workers income based on race and gender. It forced companies to disclose the information under the rule so the gender income gap can be accurately recorded. In 2017, President Trump blocked income data collection for companies, considering it to be an unnecessary burden on large corporations.



Rejecting the premises


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