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Should women vote for Trump or Biden?
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Trump has given hundreds of women the opportunity to serve in lead roles in his administration

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The Argument

Trump named the first woman to head the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and had women serving as Secretaries of Education, Transportation and Homeland Security[1]. The Trump Administration also has over 300 women serving in politically appointed roles as judges and ambassadors.[1]

Counter arguments

Only 3 women hold cabinet positions in the Trump administration of the 23 spots available, making it the lowest number of females holding appointments in the White House at the same time since George Bush’s presidency. The Trump administration also disbanded the White House Council on Women and Girls in 2017. The council was created by Barack Obama to ensure political agencies consider the needs of women and girls when policies are drafted. This programme has not been replaced by anything relating to gender inequality since being disbanded.


Rejecting the premises


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