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What do Christians believe?
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Catholic Christian miscellaneous beliefs

Some of the differentiating beliefs of the Catholic church.
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The Virgin Mary is venerated in the Catholic Church as Mother of God and Queen of Heaven, honoured in dogmas and devotions.[1] From conception, Mary was without original sin, she is the Immaculate Conception. Mary is the "Mother of God." Mary was a virgin when she conceived Jesus and when she gave birth. She remained a virgin throughout her life.[2][3] Catholic hell is eternal and many believe it is the destination for anyone not baptised a Catholic who does not die in a state of grace (that is, recently absolved from their sins through confession or extreme unction). An unbaptised baby that dies also goes to limbo for punishment.[4] Purgatory is the transitional place or process of purification of the soul after death. The punishment received in hell is relative to the evil done on earth. Some Catholic authorities, including a couple of popes, have suggested that those who live good lives and have not come to God “through no fault of their own” will still get into heaven.[5]

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