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What do Christians believe?
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LDS Politics and attitudes to equality

The LDS believes in the subservience of women to men within the traditional patriarchal system. Women are to be the primary caregivers, dress moderately, and submit to her husband's authority as he is the "head of the family."
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The LDS is associated with very traditional family orientated beliefs in a firmly patriarchal system. They are firmly committed to traditional gender roles with women, who are expected to dress modestly and are always the primary caregiver. Texts from the Old Testament are quoted to justify a wife submitting to her husband’s authority in everything, from finances to where and when she worked. He was to be respected as head of the family, because this was “God’s plan.”[1] Divorce is rarely recognised because they believe that a marriage is sealed in the temple and a civil divorce does not unseal that. Abortion is allowed only for rape, incest, if the life of health of the mother in jeopardy or baby has defects making it unlikely to live. The rules around these social issues have seen some progress, albeit at glacial speed.

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