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Is climate change real?
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Climate change is not real because it is very cold outside

It is still very cold, and we are getting more snow than ever, so climate change can't be real.

The Argument

Climate change isn’t real because the earth has seasons in which the weather changes. It’s a natural occurrence. Not every place gets cold during the winter. The Amazon rainforest stays warm during January opposed to Alaska.[1] Plus, if it doesn’t get cold then how are the leaves and living things know that it’s about to be winter?

Counter arguments

People aren’t just concerned about day-to-day weather. Climate change consists of long-term average increase in temperatures. There are hot temperatures that have melted permafrost in the Arctic, causing animals like polar bears to migrate into human territories looking for food.[2]



[P1] Climate change isn’t real because it’s supposed to be cold during the fall. [P2] It gets cold at different times in different states.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Although it does get cool during the fall, there is evidence that climate change is affecting the environment in ways other than temperature.


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