Is climate change real?

It is the topic of our times, with changing weather around the world. Is the climate actually changing or are these global warming signals misunderstood and misattributed to natural cycles. Can we know if climate change real? Or is climate change a conspiracy of the left?

Yes, climate change is real

Climate change is happening and is driven by human carbon emissions. The science on the subject of global warming is clear, and the evidence is overwhelming.

Only human emissions account for climate change

Not solar activity, not volcanoes, not natural cycles like el Nino, the data is clear that human activity alone is what is driving the rise in global temperatures.

All published scientific research on climate change confirms it's real

Thousands of papers from scientists all over the world confirm that climate change is real, and are demonstrating global warming's impact on sea ice, ocean level rise, heat waves, crops, people's health, animal migrations, and more.

Oil companies have known for many years climate change is real

In the 1960s and 70s oil company scientists understood that climate change was real, and the companies worked to hide and obscure this information from the public.

Climate change models have proven very accurate

Scientific predictions about human emissions and the rise in global temperatures have proven very accurate. If anything they have been too conservative, underestimating the impacts and speed of climate change.

No, climate change is not real

The data on global warming is unclear, and there are a lot of special interests pushing the idea of climate change for their own gain. Climate change is not really happening.

Climate change is not real because it is very cold outside

It is still very cold, and we are getting more snow than ever, so climate change can't be real.

The earth goes through natural cycles of warming and cooling

The earth has been hotter and cooler in the past. These are natural cycles that we shouldn't worry about.

We can't know for sure if climate change is real

There is a lot of uncertainty in the data on global warming, and some scientists and experts disagree on the subject. It is just too hard to know for sure.

The climate and nature are just too big for us to understand

We can't really know for sure what is happening with climate change because the climate and earth systems are too complex for us to understand.
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