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Is climate change real?
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Only human emissions account for climate change

Not solar activity, not volcanoes, not natural cycles like el Nino, the data is clear that human activity alone is what is driving the rise in global temperatures.

The Argument

Humans have been responsible for the shifting climate change since the increasing need for fossil fuels to power cars. Fossil fuels release carbon monoxide into the air and pulls ozone molecules apart. This causes the much-needed blanket of our atmosphere to dissipate, exposing the earth to the sun’s UVB rays.[1] Deforestation is also causing a rise in carbon emissions.[2] These human made issues are primarily responsible for causing climate change.

Counter arguments

Humans aren’t the only source of an increase in carbon emissions. Cattle contribute to about 18% of carbon emissions in the world.[3] It is unfair to place the blame for climate change only on humans.



[P1] Fossil fuels and deforestation are the ultimate causes of climate change. [P2] The use of Fossil fuels and deforestation are caused by humans. [P3] Humans are the ultimate cause of climate change.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1 and P2] Cattle produce greenhouse gases that have an affect on carbon emissions which causes climate change.


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