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Is climate change real?
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The earth goes through natural cycles of warming and cooling

The earth has been hotter and cooler in the past. These are natural cycles that we shouldn't worry about.

The Argument

Seasons exist all over the globe. The weather naturally changes according to them. Warmer places closer to the equator have dry and wet seasons, while places farther from the equator go from hot to cold and back again. It’s a normal part of life. During the 1970’s, scientists believed the earth would form a new ice age because of pollution cooling carbon dioxide, but it proved to be false.[1] The earth warming is a natural part of the planet's cycle, and talk of climate change is simply people being overdramatic about this.

Counter arguments

While it’s true that the earth has seasons that include regular temperature changes, temperature isn’t the only thing that climate change affects. Extreme warmth is affecting the Arctic and forcing animals to migrate into human populated territories.[2]



[P1] Temperature change is a normal part of seasonal change. [P2] Scientists believed that the earth was dramatically cooling in the 1970’s but it was proven false.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Although temperature change is a normal part of changing seasons, there are different signs of climate change.


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