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Is climate change real?
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All published scientific research on climate change confirms it's real

Thousands of papers from scientists all over the world confirm that climate change is real, and are demonstrating global warming's impact on sea ice, ocean level rise, heat waves, crops, people's health, animal migrations, and more.

The Argument

Scientists have been warning the public for years about climate change. In ancient Greece, people theorized that humans could affect temperature and rainfall when farming and using natural resources. In 1988, American scientists said that it was “the hottest summer in history”.[1] Currently, the Arctic is beginning to melt and depleted natural habitats are forcing animals into closer quarters with humans. All signs and existing scientific study point to climate change being real and having catastrophic effects on our planet.

Counter arguments

If the planet has been getting hotter, then why hasn’t another record high temperature occurred? Plus, science changes constantly. Maybe in the next 10 years, turns out that climate change was a scare like in the 1970’s. Or, if climate change is real, the earth will fix itself. The part of the ozone layer that previously thinned over the Arctic has gotten smaller.[2]



[P1] Scientists have been warning the public about climate change for years. [P2] There was and is proof of climate change.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Scientists have only theorized climate change for a small amount of years - in the grand scheme of things, this is not that long. [Rejecting P2] Although there is proof of climate change now, scientific facts have changed before. So, the public shouldn’t take everything that scientists say as true.


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