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Is it ethical to have pickup and delivery services available during the coronavirus pandemic?
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Companies lack essential health and sanitation supplies for employees

Many companies are not able to provide enough protective equipment for all of its employees but continue to make them work despite the major health and contamination risks.
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The Argument

Businesses have seen a surge in online ordering since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, which can increase the number of employees needed to fulfill the high volume of purchases. Employees from multiple companies have spoken out about the lack of protective equipment being provided while working. Despite the concerns and complaints, employees are still forced to work without protective equipment or leave their job.[1] Amazon, whose delivery services have grown exponentially since the coronavirus pandemic, cannot ensure its employees' basic health supplies such as face masks, gloves, and disinfectants. It is unfair to put essential employees into potential harm's way during the coronavirus, especially if they are not provided the proper supplies.[2]

Counter arguments

Continuing to use delivery and pickup services helps stimulate the global economy during the coronavirus pandemic. It is important to continue spending to help the economy and ensure people are able to keep their jobs. Businesses have improved their safety and sanitation measures for employees and customers or minimize the risk of spreading the disease.


[P1] Online shopping is popular during the coronavirus pandemic. [P2] Many companies cannot provide adequate protective equipment for their employees. [P3] Therefore, using pickup or delivery services during the coronavirus pandemic is unethical.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P3] Online shopping stimulates the economy.


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