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Is it ethical to have pickup and delivery services available during the coronavirus pandemic?
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Pickup and delivery services increase the chance of spreading the coronavirus

Using pickup and delivery services puts yourself and others at risk for spreading the coronavirus.
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The Argument

Utilizing pickup and delivery services during a global pandemic is unethical because it puts people in potential danger of catching or spreading the coronavirus to others. If the item being delivered or picked up isn't essential to the person, they should refrain from using those services.[1] Food delivery services such as Doordash, Postmates, and Uber have become more popular during the global pandemic. Despite all precautions to keep delivery drivers safe and sanitary, there is still a chance of those employees spreading the disease to customers or other employees.

Counter arguments

Delivery and pickup services should be available during the coronavirus pandemic so those employees are able to get paid. Many drivers use a no-contact delivery method, so they do not interact with customers face to face. Keeping these services available stimulates the economy and allows people to continue working.


[P1] Using delivery or pickup services increases the risk of spreading the coronavirus. [P2] People should not utilize delivery and pickup services unless it is a necessity. [P3] Therefore, using pickup and delivery services during the coronavirus pandemic is unethical.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] Essential employees rely on their job to survive, even during a global pandemic.


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