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Is it ethical to have pickup and delivery services available during the coronavirus pandemic?
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Pickup and delivery services keep the economy stimulated

During a time where many business are closed and people aren't spending as much money, it is important to keep the economy stimulated as much as possible to prevent a total economic collapse.

The Argument

Since the coronavirus has made in-person shopping dangerous, more people have turned to online shopping and food services. It is important to continue to spend normally to prevent a global economic collapse that could last for years. Many businesses are taking extra steps to ensure sanitation so they can continue to provide to customers. Most essential employees that work in delivery or pickup services prefer to continue working during the coronavirus pandemic. They rely on their income to survive so the risk catching or spreading the disease is worth it. Continuing to use delivery and pickup services during a pandemic is crucial to keeping businesses afloat and providing an income for essential employees.[1]

Counter arguments

Delivery and pickup service employees do not receive enough pay to justify the risk they pose to themselves and others during the coronavirus pandemic. People are ordering items and food that aren't necessary for their survival without thinking about how they are putting others at risk. A delivery person can interact with numerous people throughout the day, increasing the chance of contamination. In order to make delivery and pickup services ethical, essential employees need higher pay, or should not have to endanger themselves for their job.



[P1] Delivery and pickup service are more popular during the coronavirus pandemic. [P2] Spending money keep the economy stimulated. [P3] Most essential employees rely on their job to survive, so they want to continue working during the pandemic. [P4] Therefore, having pickup and delivery services available during the coronavirus pandemic is ethical.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P3] Delivery and pickup service employees deserve higher pay for working during the coronavirus pandemic.


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