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Is it ethical to have pickup and delivery services available during the coronavirus pandemic?
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Pickup and delivery services protect high-risk customers

Pickup and delivery services are ethical and essential to protect the vulnerable from exposure to the coronavirus.

The Argument

Pickup and delivery services are essential during the coronavirus to protect people with severe medical conditions that are too high-risk to venture into public. With these services available, vulnerable people are able to deliver their groceries and other necessities instead of traveling to the store. The delivery company DoorDash has offered discounts to elderly people using their service, to encourage them to choose a contactless delivery to minimize any risks.[1] In the UK, packages of food have been delivered to thousands of high-risk people in an effort to minimize the chances of spreading the coronavirus.[2] The use of pickup and delivery services during the coronavirus pandemic is ethical because it allows an alternative way to shop for the most vulnerable of the population.

Counter arguments

It is unfair that pickup and delivery service employees have to risk their health for their job. They have to travel into stores and communicate with people frequently to fulfill the customer's order, which put themselves at risk for catching or spreading the coronavirus. Despite all of the precautions taken to ensure a safe and healthy delivery, there is always a chance of transferring the virus across objects and to other people.



[P1] Delivery and pickup services protect the most vulnerable. [P2] Delivery and pickup services are a safer alternative to shopping during the coronavirus pandemic. [P3] Therefore, having pickup and delivery services available during the coronavirus pandemic is ethical.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] There is still a small risk to delivery and pickup services. [Rejecting P3] Delivery and pickup service employees should not have to risk their health for their jobs.


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