Is it ethical to have pickup and delivery services available during the coronavirus pandemic?

With delivery and pick up services, we expose the employee to social interaction and increase the contagion's possibilities. However, it is also ensuring the person remains employed during the crisis. It's obvious that the job is justified if it is a necessity, but what about clothes, books, and other non-essential items?

Yes, it is ethical to have pickup and delivery services during the coronavirus pandemic

In times of pandemics, importance of functioning of delivery services is as vital as the work of healthcare system, police service etc. This is because delivery workers provide people with things they need in order to stay home, which is crucial in combating the spread of the virus.

Pickup and delivery services keep the economy stimulated

During a time where many business are closed and people aren't spending as much money, it is important to keep the economy stimulated as much as possible to prevent a total economic collapse.

Pickup and delivery services protect high-risk customers

Pickup and delivery services are ethical and essential to protect the vulnerable from exposure to the coronavirus.

No, it isn't ethical to have pickup or delivery services during the coronavirus pandemic

Allowing pick-up and delivery services put employees at a higher risk of contracting the virus, as well as customers. Delivery drivers are put at risk when delivering to homes located in high-risk areas. The delivery of non-essential items only serves to put others at risk.

Pickup and delivery services increase the chance of spreading the coronavirus

Using pickup and delivery services puts yourself and others at risk for spreading the coronavirus.

Companies lack essential health and sanitation supplies for employees

Many companies are not able to provide enough protective equipment for all of its employees but continue to make them work despite the major health and contamination risks.
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