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How will coronavirus change the world?
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Coronavirus will make climate change worse

Public attention and critical resources are being diverted from the climate crisis to handle the coronavirus outbreak.
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The Argument

The way in which pollution has suddenly dropped off due to coronavirus means that it could actually make climate change worse. A sudden drop in emissions causes a temporary increase in the rate at which the world is warming, as the shielding effect that particles of pollution have is taken away.[1] Additionally, as the public focuses all resources on combatting coronavirus, attention and resources are being taken away from climate change. As concerns about coronavirus become all the more real, concerns about health and day-to-day finances are likely to replace climate change as pivotal issues on the political agenda.[2]

Counter arguments

Coronavirus has been demonstrated to categorically decrease emissions. This can only be good for the fight against climate change.[3]


[P1] Coronavirus has been shown to have negative effects on climate change, both in speeding up global warming and re-setting the political agenda.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] By looking at the pollution rates we can see that coronavirus is having a positive impact on climate change.


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