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How will coronavirus change the world?
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Coronavirus will prove the benefits of globalisation

Our coordinated political response to the crisis, as well as our borderless scientific cooperation, and the recognition that COVID-19 touched the whole world, will prove the benefits and sense of globalisation.
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The Argument

Despite coronavirus' quick onset, the global scientific community was quick in its response. While there have been varying national efforts to combat the virus, globalisation has made it far easier, from centralised online tracking tools to preliminary sequencing data being available online leading to a reliable test being created quickly.[1] This demonstrates just how beneficial globalisation is. While previously scientific teams would have been working entirely alone or only with sporadic communication, with globalisation there can be international cooperation to ensure that scientific breakthroughs are reached far quicker than they otherwise would be. This reinforces that globalisation should not be combated, but improved. It should be even easier for scientific teams to work together. Evidence-based global action should be the norm.[2] The answer is to change, not dismantle, globalisation.

Counter arguments

Globalisation is the cause of the ferocity of the coronavirus outbreak. We should not be celebrating it, but seriously reassessing the way that we interact and moving towards more protectionist policies.


[P1] Coronavirus has demonstrated the benefits of globalisation and the ways it can improve.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Coronavirus has demonstrated the pitfalls, rather than benefits, of globalisation.


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