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How will coronavirus change the world?
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Trump will lose the 2020 election because of coronavirus

The response to coronavirus has demonstrated the incompetence of the Trump administration.
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The Argument

Trump's main draw as President has been the economy's success whilst he has been in office. However, with the grave economic effects of coronavirus tanking the economic success the United States has enjoyed in recent things, it is likely that Trump's approval ratings will take a huge hit.[1] Trump's response to coronavirus has also been severely lacking. Many have commented that the United States' government's response to the threat of the virus has been severely lacking, preferring to downplay the threat rather than implementing precautionary measures.[2] Additionally, coronavirus draws attention to large failings of the American government as a whole. The healthcare system makes it too costly for people to get tested for coronavirus, meaning the American rate of testing is far below other countries'.[3] The lack of protection for workers' rights means that workers who may be sick still feel pressured to come into work. Not only have the policies leading to these problems been supported by the Trump administration, but Trump has actively taken measures that have worsened the severity of coronavirus, such as severely cutting funds for health and crisis prevention organisations.[1] Trump is unwilling to make the large-scale policy changes that would fix these problems in the face of another, similar event, which will hurt him politically.

Counter arguments

Coronavirus is far from going to sink Trump. Instead, the country will gets over coronavirus, delivering a boost of economic growth and benefitting Trump's approval rating.[1] Additionally, the spread of coronavirus will be a credit to Trump's anti-globalist rhetoric, which will also increase his approval ratings.


[P1] The response to coronavirus in the US has shown the holes in the Trump administration. [P2] This will lose Trump political support, and ultimately the 2020 election.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] Coronavirus will actually increase Trump's support.


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