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Should books be adapted into movies?
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The criteria by which movies and books are judged are different

What makes a movie good is not dependent on the screenplay alone.
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The Argument

A movie's quality is judged by how cinematography, acting, props, costuming and other film-specific elements are handled. Screenplay, though seeming to be the part of the movie that reflects the book most reliably, does not equal to the book manuscript. The format of a script is different, and focuses on dialogue. A book is more descriptive, and narrates details about the characters and setting besides the dialogue. A book can be good but have a terrible movie made out of it, and vice versa. Thus a book should not be judged from whether the movie adaptation was good or not, and a movie adaptation cannot act as an indicator for how good the book is either.

Counter arguments


[P1] A movie is judged by a criteria that would not apply to books. [P2] Movie screenplays are fundamentally different to book manuscripts.

Rejecting the premises


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