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Should books be adapted into movies?
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Movies provide an alternative for those who can't read the book

Not everyone has the luxury to read the entire lengths of books.
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The Argument

Some people may not be able to read a book. Busy people may not be able to take the time to read books. Younger readers may not be able to understand the difficult words used in some books. Dyslexic or visually-impaired people may find it difficult to access the book in formats convenient for them. Movies allow everyone to experience the story through scenes and dialogue within a limited time frame, which levels out the playing field for these people. As such, movies are a highly accessible choice for those who cannot read the book.

Counter arguments


[P1] Time, knowledge or physical constraints limit some people's ability to read books. [P2] Movies can lessen these constraints with visual and auditory representation of the book's contents.

Rejecting the premises


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