Should books be adapted into movies?

We’ve seen many of our favourite stories rise to the silver screen. From childhood favourites like Harry Potter to remakes of classics like Little Women, many books have been adapted into screenplays and made into movies. The big dilemma: read the book, or watch the movie? Should the movie adaptation even exist at all?

Books should be adapted into movies

Some people prefer watching movies over reading, and some enjoy having two ways of experiencing a story.

Movie adaptations make the books more popular

Critically acclaimed movie adaptations usually bring attention to the book that inspired it, and already best-selling books will benefit from a movie production through sales.

Movies give the book a visual, artistic representation

It helps readers visualise the story and take the experience a step further beyond words on a page.

Adapting movies gives screenplay writers creative freedom

How the book is presented can be altered, giving screenwriters a 'jumping off point' from which to showcase their creativity.

Successful books make successful movies

There is a bigger chance of a movie being successful if it is based on a book that is already popular.

Movies provide an alternative for those who can't read the book

Not everyone has the luxury to read the entire lengths of books.

Books should not be adapted into movies

Movies cannot live up to the books they are based on, and can even ruin them.

Movie adaptations can spoil the reputation of the book

Movies can ruin a book’s reputation the same way it can improve it.

Movies cannot fully represent the book

Certain parts of the book are inevitably left out to accommodate movie production. There is no “perfect” adaptation.

Books can be easily overlooked in comparison to the movie

The greater attention placed on movies draws people away from reading the original source material.

Movie adaptations spoil the joy of reading

Movies fix a visual anchor for the characters, props and setting. The imaginative process is lost and affects the reading experience.

Books and movies are incomparable

Movie adaptations merely take inspiration from books and transform them into new works of art, so they should not be compared at all.

The criteria by which movies and books are judged are different

What makes a movie good is not dependent on the screenplay alone.
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