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Should Mail-In ballots be banned in the 2020 US Elections?
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Donald Trump cannot win without mail-in voting

Donald Trump's supporters will largely vote-by-mail. They must be given this opportunity or he will claim the election was rigged and chaos will ensue.
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The Argument

Counterintuitively, a common argument for mail-in-voting is to help balance out the election in favor of Donald Trump. Proponents of vote-by-mail believe Donald Trump cannot win the 2020 election without mail-in voting, therefore it must be included in the electoral process or he will claim the election was rigged. One of the main reasons given for the inclusion of mail-in ballots is that due to the massive enthusiasm gap and health gap between Trump supporters (elderly white people) and Trump haters (young and active people), without mail-in ballots he stands no chance. Given Donald Trump’s constant preemptive delegitimization of the 2020 presidential election already, this camp of people thinks that without mail-in ballots by his GOP base, to soften the amount of votes by which he loses, it will be easier for him to claim the election was rigged.

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