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Why is Settlers of Catan so popular with millennials?
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Evidence shows millennials have short attention spans

Research shows that millennials have extremely short attention spans. The game is great for that mental laziness because it's over quickly and doesn't require huge effort.

The Argument

The average attention span of millennials is twelve seconds. [1] Board games that are relatively short and require quick interactions between turns are best suited for short attention spans. Settlers of Catan lasts about an hour. The quick-paced communication and straightforward rules keeps players engaged. Players communicate and negotiate with one another, which keeps everyone's attention continually focused on the game between turns. [2] Due to millennials’ short attention spans, fast-paced games that require constant engagement are necessary. Therefore, Settlers of Catan is popular with millennials.

Counter arguments

If the millennials' average attention span is twelve seconds, then an hour is way too long for Settlers of Catan. Depending on the number of players and experience level of each one, Settlers of Catan can last over 4 hours. [3] The amount of engagement required to negotiate effectively throughout the game is not designed for players with short attention spans.



[P1] The attention span of millennials has decreased over time. [P2] Games that require short attention spans are perfect for millennials. [P3] Settlers of Catan is popular among millennials because it requires a short attention span.

Rejecting the premises


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