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Why is Settlers of Catan so popular with millennials?
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Millennials are increasingly moving away from the cities

The appeal in a game that glorifies agricultural production is linked to a wider millennial romanticism for rural life.
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The Argument

Studies show that millennials have decided to move away from cities into rural areas. [1]A reason behind this decision is that millennials have found more appeal in the agricultural setting of rural areas. [2] Due to their increasing enjoyment for agricultural settings and inclination towards board games for socialization, Settlers of Catan is popular among millennials. Settlers of Catan engages players in an uninhabited land where they must conquer and build settlements to gain points to win. The rural appeal comes from strategizing how to best use the natural resources in the uninhabited land. In addition, the setting of the game features vast grasslands, hills, forests, and mountain ranges. The setting interests millennials as well since it captures an uninhabited rural dream away from the city, making it the perfect board game for millennials.

Counter arguments

A millennial moving outside the city may not be doing so happily. Studies show that millennials are leaving the cities because of the increasing costs of housing. [1] For this reason, millennials feel forced to relocate to more rural areas. Since it is not a willing choice, millennials would not enjoy rural themed board games like Settlers of Catan. In addition, Settlers of Catan is categorized more as a strategy game rather than an agricultural game. The island setting of the game is only the template for players to industrialize the area with settlements and roads. There are plenty of other board games that players define as farming games, and Settlers of Catan is not included. [3]


[P1] More millennials are moving away from cities into rural areas. [P2]Settlers of Catan models land conquering in a rural setting. [P3] Millennials enjoy rural areas. [P4]Therefore, Settlers of Catan is popular among millennials.

Rejecting the premises


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