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Why is Settlers of Catan so popular with millennials?
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Settlers of Catan uniquely engages players throughout

Unlike games where players have to wait for their turn to play, Catan allows people to engage with each other and the game start to finish, requiring constant strategy.

The Argument

Studies show that there is a rise in the popularity of board games for millennials.[1] A reason for this comes from the desire for millennials to have social experiences with one another. [2]Board games that focus on strategy encourage social interaction by keeping all the players engaged. The game immerses players in constant strategy to collect resources, build roads, and conquer land to create cities. They constantly communicate with other players, making deals and trading to get closer to conquering more and winning. These games require constant attention and engagement from each player. This makes it an immersive social experience, explaining its popularity among millennials.

Counter arguments

There are plenty of other games that engage players through constant communication. This is not a unique selling point for Settlers of Catan that sets apart its popularity from other board games millennials enjoy. Also, board games that require constant attention inhibit friends from socializing while playing. A big reason behind the rise in board games is the social aspect that games allow. [2] With a complicated social game such as Settlers of Catan, millennials won't experience the social aspect that other games involve.



[P1] Games that require strategy engage players more. [P2] Settlers of Catan is a strategy-based game that requires constant attention. [P3] Therefore, Settlers of Catan is an engaging board game that millennials enjoy.

Rejecting the premises


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