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Why is Settlers of Catan so popular with millennials?
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Players can achieve big ambitions with little input

The game allows players to feel like they are exerting high-level strategic skills to achieve lofty goals of world domination, without actually requiring them to think or do anything extraordinary.

The Argument

Millennials are viewed as lazy and entitled. 1 in 3 millennials beginning a new job will quit or be fired in the first 90 days because of their lack of self-discipline.[1] Despite this, millennials still want to achieve exciting goals without expending a lot of effort. The game's primary objective is to gain ten victory points from building settlements, cities, having the longest road, or having the largest army. Players achieve these goals from strategic communication and rolling dice. This means that they expend minimal effort to achieve domination over the land. This makes the game perfect for lazy gamers, and therefore, popular among millennials.

Counter arguments

Settlers of Catan is an extremely complicated game that requires lots of concentration and strategic skill to master. It takes a lot of discipline to master the board game. Inexperienced players can make a round of play over 4 hours.[2] This means that millennials must be willing to learn all the intricacies of the game to play. Therefore, Settlers of Catan is not made for lazy gamers.



[P1]Millennials have big goals but do not have the work ethic to achieve their goals. [P2] Millennials want to feel like they can achieve big goals with little effort on their part. [P3] Settlers of Catan gives players the ability to achieve big goals without much thought. [P4] Therefore, Settlers of Catan is popular among millennials.

Rejecting the premises


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