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Is the BJP dangerous?
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Far from being dangerous, the BJP has achieved a lot

The BJP had ambitious policies, which positively affected many areas of the Indian population's lives.
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The Argument

As well as Hindu nationalism, the BJP espouse a muscular foreign policy and national security posture. It is generally more pro-business than many of India’s political parties, which tend to be left of centre.[1] Following on from his experience as chief minister of the state of Gujarat which enjoyed high growth and a reputation as an investment-friendly destination during his terms,[1] Modi maintained a focus on the economy throughout his first term as Prime Minister, before refocussing on Hindu nationalism as his poll numbers dwindled.[2] Foreign policy has been one of the relative bright spots for the BJP government[1] and they have have pushed a more forceful foreign policy, centred on nationalist principles, than India had pursued for many years. They have broadened and deepened relations with the United States, China and Japan, particularly defence cooperation with the USA.[3] The intent behind the policy is to support the Indian economy by striking one-on-one free trade deals with countries who don’t find the BJP's methods objectionable, the U.S. chief among them.[2] In the area of domestic policy, the BJP government has ensured that the government has more revenue to spend through enacting a Goods and Services Tax, which helped unify India’s fragmented network of indirect taxes, and streamlining the enormously complex system of state and federal tax collection, broadening the tax base and sharply reducing the amount of money lost to fraud.[2] It also put in place a new bankruptcy and insolvency code, which for the first time has established an orderly process for firms to exit the marketplace.[1][3] The BJP government has spent unprecedented amounts of money on improving infrastructure and the development of roads, highways, public transport and airports have sharply increased the country’s long-term economic potential.[2] The government has also started programmes that bring electricity to remote villages that have never had it and access to cooking gas for rural people for the first time. Famously, the Swachh Bharat program has built tens of millions of toilets for hundreds of millions of people.[2] A focus on renewable energy is also part of the government’s plan to make India a leader on climate change.[2] Although these projects are not yet complete, they will help the vast majority of India’s people lead safer, healthier, more productive and more prosperous lives.[2]

Counter arguments

The BJP have not improved the economy as much as the government claims: creating jobs, pushing up economic growth and tackling farm distress remain the top three areas that survey respondents want the government to focus on.[4] The BJP still has not positively influenced these areas.


[P1] The BJP have implemented many policies which have done good things for India. [P2] It is a positive influence, not a dangerous force.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] The BJP's policies still have not adequately addressed many struggles the Indian people are facing.


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