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Where is Jimmy Hoffa?
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Jimmy Hoffa's body was cremated in Detroit

Jimmy Hoffa's body could have been cremated at Central Sanitation, a Mafia controlled trash company in the 1970s. The Mafia had many ties to local businesses and this would have been a very efficient way to eliminate evidence.
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The Argument

The theory that Jimmy Hoffa was cremated at the Detroit mob controlled central sanitation was made popular by Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran. Sheeran was a union official with links to the Buffalino crime family. Sheeran was close with Hoffa and it is believed that the reason why Hoffa got into the car outside the Red Fox restaurant the day he disappeared is because Sheeran was there as well. Before his death Sheeran confessed to his lawyer that he picked Hoffa up and took him to a house near the restaurant and subsequently shot him in the back of the head at point blank range. Sheeran then described Hoffa’s body being dragged down the hall by two accomplices, and after he was told that Hoffa had been cremated at central sanitation[1]. Central Sanitation was owned by Detroit Mafia lieutenants Peter (Bozzi) Vitale and Raffaele (Jimmy Q) Quasarano, according to Detroit mob insiders, this was a very common way for the Mafia to get rid of bodies[2].

Counter arguments

Prior to his confession, Frank Sheeran's evidence to prove his innocence was a 'thank you' note from Jimmy Hoffa's daughter after he sent his condolences for her mother's death. It was Sheeran's belief that if Hoffa's own daughter believed him to be innocent than everyone else should as well[3].



Rejecting the premises


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