Where is Jimmy Hoffa?

In 1975, James (Jimmy) Hoffa, a powerful teamsters union leader with ties to organized crime, disapeared outside of a restaurant in a Detroit suburb. Although it is widely believed by most historians and investigators that Hoffa was murdered by his enemies in the Mafia, the details of the murder, including where his body is located, and how the murder was carried out remain a mystery.

Jimmy Hoffa was buried

Many theories as to where Hoffa's body might be suggest that the mob buried his body either under buildings, or in the ground on mafia-controlled property.

Jimmy Hoffa was buried on a farm

A common and recent theory is that Jimmy Hoffa was buried in a suburban farm just outside of Detroit, close to the restaurant that Hoffa had disappeared from.

Jimmy Hoffa was buried under the Renaissance Center

Many believe that Jimmy Hoffa was buried under the foundations of the Renaissance Center in Detroit, as foundations were being poured the day after his disappearance.


Witness to Hoffa murder

Jimmy Hoffa is in a dump/junkyard

A common theory is that Hoffa's body has been hidden in either a dump or a junkyard. The Mafia had connections to local dumps or could have also easily hidden Hoffa in a Junkyard that they had no connections with at all.

Jimmy Hoffa's body was taken to a toxic waste dump in New Jersey

According to multiple sources with Mafia ties, Jimmy Hoffa's body was shipped to a New Jersey toxic waste dump owned by a member of the Mafia and hidden in a 55 gallon drum.

Jimmy Hoffa's body was crushed at a New Jersey junkyard

A Mafia hitman claimed that Hoffa's body was put in the trunk of a car that was subsequently crushed at a junkyard for scrap metal.

Jimmy Hoffa was buried alive beneath the Renaissance Center in Detroit

Eyewitness account of Jimmy Hoffa abduction and murder

Jimmy Hoffa was cremated

Due to the ties that the Mafia had to local crematoriums in Detroit, Hoffa's body could have been cremated at one of these locations.

Jimmy Hoffa's body was cremated in Detroit

Jimmy Hoffa's body could have been cremated at Central Sanitation, a Mafia controlled trash company in the 1970s. The Mafia had many ties to local businesses and this would have been a very efficient way to eliminate evidence.
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