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Where is Jimmy Hoffa?
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Jimmy Hoffa's body was crushed at a New Jersey junkyard

A Mafia hitman claimed that Hoffa's body was put in the trunk of a car that was subsequently crushed at a junkyard for scrap metal.

The Argument

Mafia assassin Richard Kuklinski claimed during a conversation with Philip Carlo, author of “The Iceman: Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer”, that he murdered Jimmy Hoffa with a hunting knife, and then drove his body back to New Jersey with Hoffa’s body in the trunk to be taken to a junkyard, where the car was crushed and sold for scrap metal with Hoffa still in the trunk.[1]

Counter arguments

Many people find this theory to be unlikely and believe Kuklinski to be unreliable, as well as a fantasist. Former FBI agent and crime expert Robert Garrity has opposed this claim, deeming it as " the most embarrassing one to date" [1] Also, during an HBO interview conducted prior to the release of Carlo's book, Kuklinski claimed to have no knowledge of what happened to Hoffa, and to have only heard rumors[2], the inconsistency in Kuklinski's accounts cause many people to not believe in his involvement.



Rejecting the premises


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