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Where is Jimmy Hoffa?
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Jimmy Hoffa's body was taken to a toxic waste dump in New Jersey

According to multiple sources with Mafia ties, Jimmy Hoffa's body was shipped to a New Jersey toxic waste dump owned by a member of the Mafia and hidden in a 55 gallon drum.

The Argument

The theory that Jimmy Hoffa’s body was taken to a toxic dump was brought up by Phillip “Brother” Moscato, a mobster in New York’s Genovese crime family. Before Moscato died, he told an investigative reporter in a recorded interview that Hoffa’s body was put into a 55 gallon drum under Pulaski Skyway in Jersey City, as he was a co-owner of the toxic dump [1].. Moscato told the reporter that the FBI had searched the grounds 40 years ago, and hadn’t found anything. The investigative reporter found out from other mafia sources that the drum containing Hoffa's remains was buried under 15-30 other drums containing toxic waste[2] .

Counter arguments

Many people, including other people with Mafia ties argue that this theory is improbable. James Buccelatto, a senior lecturer in criminology at Wayne State University, has often opposed this theory, stating that "The idea that he was transported to New Jersey and buried somewhere, it just doesn't make sense for logistical reasons, the Mafia guys are going to want to get rid of the body as soon as possib[3]le."



Rejecting the premises


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