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What are the implications of Kanye West running for President?
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Kanye West appeals to Republican voters

Having expressed his support for President Trump in the past, Republicans see Kanye as one of them.
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In 2019, Kanye announced his support for the Republicans. West likened President Trump to Abraham Lincoln, before telling the gathered crowd: "the Republican Party freed the slaves!"[1] His right wing affiliation doesn't end there. West is frequently spotted wearing a "Make America Great Again" cap, in a public show of his support for Trump's political agenda and belief in his campaign mantra. Given this, West's natural support base lies with the Republicans.

The Argument

Republican voters tend to agree with President Trump, when he commented on West's Republican support as a "cultural turning point."With Kanye, entertainment, which for so long has been seen as default liberal, experienced a political shift. The consequence was that Kanye soon became a hero amongst the GOP, who respected Kanye's break from expectations and allegiance to their politics.[2] Kanye is already a household name, and appeals to conservative instincts. It is only natural that this is where he will find his most active support. As Conservative writer Alec Shears writes in The Independent: "Then there's the base Kanye is appealing to: Republican, evangelical, and deeply supportive of Trump. That's his new target demographic, and he seems to be dragging his old demo along as well. A Kanye West presidency is entirely plausible thanks to the current president. Trump opened the door for more Hollywood tough guy superstars to run for office at any level. When you have a reality star in the Oval Office, a world-famous rapper isn't that much of a stretch."[3]

Counter arguments

Kanye's brand of politics might be right-leaning, but there is no evidence to suggest that Republicans prefer him to Trump.


Rejecting the premises


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