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Will Donald Trump concede the 2020 Presidential election to Joe Biden?
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Many moderate Republicans support a peaceful transition of power

Many moderate Republicans have already congratulated Joe Biden on winning the Presidency and have urged Donald Trump to concede defeat and respect the democratic process.
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Trump has yet to formally concede, despite Biden's apparent statistical win. Many republicans have called Trump out for being unreasonable, and they have requested that he respect the democratic process and concede.

The Argument

After the official declaration on November 23rd that Joe Biden was still the winner in the most recent state recount, many more Republicans joined Democratic officials in congratulating Joe Biden on his Presidency. Prominent voices such as Chris Christie and Jeb Bush urged Americans to have faith in the electoral process and accept the results of the election, even if it seemed unfavorable to partisan interests. All major reporting sources have backed Joe Biden as the legitimate President, as well as backing the overall legitimacy of the election. With the support of Democrats, international leaders, and now the majority of the Republican Party, Donald Trump has little choice but to concede (willingly or not).

Counter arguments

While some moderates might support a peaceful transition, Trump's base does not. The far right abide by the words of Trump, and he refused to accept electoral norms. Jeb and Chris are simply irrelevant.


Rejecting the premises


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