Will Donald Trump concede the 2020 Presidential election to Joe Biden?

After Joe Biden's decisive win in the 2020 Presidential Election, Donald Trump and many of his supporters continued to claim victory in the election, as well as accuse the Democratic Party of using voter fraud to illegitimately steal the election.

Yes, he will concede the election

Trump has no choice but to admit that he lost a fair and free Presidential election.

He's only pretending to think he won the election to delegitimize Biden's win

Trump and his top advisors are fully aware that Joe Biden won the election. However, they strategically plan on continuing claims of voter fraud to weaken Biden's presidency and draw from his influence in the White House.

Most or all of Trump's lawsuits are baseless claims of voter fraud

None of Donald Trump's lawsuits have been successful. Several judges issued scathing statements in response to lawsuits which were wildly speculative and lacking in any evidence.

Trump will concede now and instead run again in 2024

The fight is futile for Trump - he will soon shift to other forms of publicity and power.

No, he will not concede the election and he will remain in power

Trump claims to have won the election by a far margin and he has gained support of Republicans

Trump has not conceded the election, and claims to have won. Evidence validates this and his supporters agree.

Trump and his legal team are rightly filing lawsuits and demanding recounts in many states

Even a month after the election, Trump and Giuliani are filing recount and fraud suits. They claim there is solid evidence that the left manipulated the election.

He will not concede the election but he will be forced out of office

Many moderate Republicans support a peaceful transition of power

Many moderate Republicans have already congratulated Joe Biden on winning the Presidency and have urged Donald Trump to concede defeat and respect the democratic process.
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