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Will Donald Trump concede the 2020 Presidential election to Joe Biden?
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Most or all of Trump's lawsuits are baseless claims of voter fraud

None of Donald Trump's lawsuits have been successful. Several judges issued scathing statements in response to lawsuits which were wildly speculative and lacking in any evidence.
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In Pennsylvania, the Trump campaign is filing a lawsuit that people were not allowed to watch ballot counting, but admitted in court that there were a "non-zero" number of spectators. Even if late-arriving ballots were thrown out, Biden would still have an overwhelming lead. In Arizona, judges threw out accusations of "overvotes," or mistakes on the ballot because of Sharpie, because there were only 180 cases, those voters were given the chance to fix their ballots, and that's not enough to tip the election. In Michigan, judges rejected accusations that ballot counters were "fixing votes." In Nevada, judges dismissed the accusation that vote-counting machines were not working, because there was no evidence. In the Georgia lawsuit, there was no evidence that the ballots counted arrived late. Also, Rudy Giuliani admitted before a U.S. district judge, “This is not a fraud case.”

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