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Has Trump kept his promises?
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Mexico did not pay for the wall

Trump has struggled to secure funding for his border wall. hat money he has obtained has come from American taxpayers.
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The Argument

Trump has built almost 400 miles of the border wall with Mexico. Over the course of his administration, $15 billion have been set aside to build this wall, with funds diverted from the Department of Defence and appropriated congressional funds[1]. Trump’s outrageous claims that Mexico would pay for the wall have remained unfounded. Even his claims that Mexico would ‘indirectly’ pay for the wall through the revised trade deal with Mexico. Nonetheless, there is little evidence to suggest how this new trade deal will fund the wall[2]. Despite this, and with no evidence to back it up, Trump continues to claim on the campaign trail, that Mexico is paying for his border wall[3].

Counter arguments

Mexico has paid for increasing amounts of security surrounding the wall. Furthermore, the Mexican government has vowed to support Central American development in order to help stem the flow of migrants. They have pledged $30 billion towards improving the economies and infrastructure of these nations. Some say this could be seen as a virtual wall to stop people crossing the border[4].


Rejecting the premises


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